Raising awareness actions – what we saw on the Balkan route?

During May/June 2017, we visited camps, volunteer groups and initiatives that are present all over the so-called Balkan route in order to provide needed support to people seeking refuge. We started our journey in Slovenia, and we ended it in Greece. All of this was happening thanks to ”A Route to Connect” project, which had the aim to raise awareness about the conditions of refugees on the route.

Local raising awareness actions happened in home countries of participants that took part in this 2-week-journey along the Balkans. Volunteers, together with an SCI branch from their country, implemented these actions during summer/autumn of 2017.

KVT Finland – ”Make a Wish”

In our workshop we wanted to use art, as art is something that everyone can contribute to in their own way.  Our wish was to show that even if we all come from very different backgrounds, and cultures, underneath we all dream about similar things.

– Jelena, KVT Finland

GAIA Kosovo – ”BREfest – Sharr is more than snow” (Uproot root deep -Exhibition and Exchange)

The exhibition about the “Balkan Route” was the core part of the day’s activities, linking the history of Sharr mountain- a trans-border region with a history of migration throughout the past centuries itself to the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the Balkans and beyond. The exhibition connected visual impressions from the Route (Photos, Drawings) with written testimonies that were collected during the RtC Study Field Trip.

VCV Serbia – ”Putevi koji se prepliću // Routes that intertwine”

”Putevi koji se prepliću // Routes that intertwine” event took place on 25th of September, in a place called Youth center CK13. The event gathered activists from other organizations but as well some people that were not involved in the topic before, but were interested to hear and see more about ”A Route to Connect” project.


Portugal [Para Onde] – REFÚGIO CULTURAL

The event started at 12:00 and at around 16:00 we had an amazing Arabic dancer giving a great show and amusing everyone. Until 20:00, the time the event ended, around 250 people came to visit us, enjoying the food, the sun and the great environment. In the end, all the participants were tired but very happy.

During the day the feedback was great, a lot of people told us that we should repeat the event. The day after, we received the most heart-filling message: the child of the family of Amal Soap project told us that it was one of his happiest days since he arrived in Portugal

– Marta, Para Onde Portugal

Here you can read more about other interesting initiatives that happened in other countries in Europe.

A Route To Connect is a project of SCI supported by European Youth Foundation focused on spreading awareness about the refugee situation in the Balkan route, giving a voice to the stories of refugees and empowering youngsters to take action. The project is part of the Building Bridges campaign.

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