Building Bridges overview 2016/2017 – what SCI did so far on topic of refugees and migration?

Overview of projects, initiatives and succesful projects, including ”A Route to Connect” final update, is finally here!

About Building Bridges

Building Bridges is an informal working group within SCI International’s network. It was established during the creation of Building Bridges Toolkit by a group of SCI activists, leading successful projects in the field of forced migration. The aim of the working group is to coordinate on international level SCI’s efforts to raise awareness on the topic and promote peace, understanding and integration between locals and asylum seekers/refugees. Its team was essential in creating the Building Bridges Toolkit and would further work to support its dissemination.

With this overview, we would like to give an umbrella to all the activities from years 2016 and 2017, and to start a process of creating an annual database of all the activities implemented under the Building Bridges campaign.


Click here to access the link on Dropbox.



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