Organization: Volunteers center of Vojvodina (VCV Serbia)

Title of the event: ”Putevi koji se prepliću // Routes that intertwine”

Date: 25th of September 2017.

Event description:  Event is organized in order to present the situation and impressions of volunteers that were travelling along the Balkan route thanks to this project – having the photo exhibition, screening a movie and sharing stories. We find it extremely important to share these experiences with other people in order to gather our impressions from this 2-week-trip once again in one place, but also to let you know what is currently happening with people seeking refuge along the Balkan.

Along the photo exhibition, a movie and stories, you will have the chance to see photographs of talented Aboozar Soltani from Iran, that participated in many photography contests because of his amazing talent and sense of details. He is currently based in one of the reception centers in Serbia (Šid area).


”Putevi koji se prepliću // Routes that intertwine”  event took place on 25th of September, in a place called Youth center CK13. The event gathered activists from other organizations but as well some people that were not involved in the topic before, but were interested to hear and see more about ”A Route to Connect” project.

Photo exhibition was consisted of photos throughout all stages of journey, connected all together with a thread, so it would have visual representation of a consistent flow between the activities we had along the route, with descriptions under every photograph.

Along the photos from the journey, photographs of talented Aboozar Soltani from Iran were exhibited. He is now placed in one of the reception centers on the western border of Serbia.

Visitors of the event had the chance to see and take the Universal Citizen booklets that were shared to people along the route. The booklet provided basic information mostly about first aid conditions, on 3 languages – English, Farsi and Arabic.

The Universal Citizen booklets (on Farsi, Arabic and English) were shared among the visitors of the event.

The donation box for independent volunteer groups that operate in North of Serbia was set up. In exchange for donation, visitors could get a bag with quotes from stories written by volunteers that attended the journey, and can be found on this website. On the bags, it was a address as well for visibility of the project.

The movie from the journey, still in a editing phase, was shown to visitors as a visual material of all the things seen and experienced along the Balkan route, after saying a few words about the project and it’s development.


Promotional material for the event [poster and a Facebook cover]



And some more photos from the event: