Portugal [MEDesTU]


Organization: MEDesTU

Title of the event: ”Connecting People”

Date: 23rd of September 2017.

Event description: 

The event will be in the center of Porto, during all day, with 4 different activities:
1. Tourist itinerary “Moorish/Arabic heritage” – Tour around Porto finding the “Moorish/Arabic heritage” visiting very known museums from Porto with the morrish marks – 09:30- 12:30; Lunch time – Conversation about the experiences till now in the Route to Connect- 12:30 – 14:00h;

2. Arabic Calligraphy Workshop – 14h-15h in House of Associations in Porto

3. Human library – With Sirian girls and refugees – 15:30-18:30 – they will be books and they will share their experience with the people present in the event;

4. Intercultural Dinner (music + food) – 18:30-23:00- with support of EAPN, Welcome Refugees and PAR (Refugees Plataform) – Intercultural dinner with people from all over the world and with shared food cooked from the people with different cultures.

On the Human library the ”book” was Yousra, a participant from ”A Route to Connect” study trip that took place in May. She shared her experience from the journey with the visitors, and it was crucial when it comes to understanding the context of the event.


Here you can find the photos from tourist itinerary “Moorish/Arabic heritage”, ”A Route to Connect” photography exhibition, Human Library, Arabic calligraphy workshop and intercultural dinner: