About A Route To Connect

A Route To Connect is a project of SCI supported by European Youth Foundation focused on spreading awareness about the refugee situation in the Balkan route, giving a voice to the stories of refugees and empowering youngsters to take action. The project is part of the Building Bridges campaign.

The main activities of the project are:

1 – An inspirational preparatory seminar in Alt Emporda, Catalonia, Spain, which took place from 10th until 15th of March 2017. It was a seminar focused on the Spanish Civil War, which was for us a starting point from where we opened our perspective and analysed the global consequences, dangers, risks and best practices on forced migrations. From there we refocused and closed perspective again and reflected together on the current situation and the refugee “crisis”.

You can read more about it here.

2 – A Route To Connect field study trip, 15 May – 2 June 2016, Slovenia – Croatia – Serbia – Macedonia – Greece

The participants travel along the so called Balkan route and meet refugees, locals, local governments, NGO’s and volunteers. The aim of the journey is to give a voice to the refugees by collecting and distributing their stories and activate the refugees in the camps by setting an example of youth and volunteer work. After the study trip the participants follow up on the experience and create local projects with a team back home during the summer of 2017.

3 – Awareness Raising Campaign, June – December 2017

Participants of the field study trip (activity 2) implement local public events in their home countries concentrated around three key dates: World Refugee Day (20 June), International Youth Day (12 August) and International Day Of Peace (21 September). The public events can be for example theatre, photo exhibitions, human libraries, or workshops. Follow up of the campaign in the form of a final event is to be held during SCI’s General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain, in December 2017.


A Route To Connect aims at:

  • raising awareness about the conditions of refugees
  • spreading and disseminating stories of refugees
  • activating and empowering youngsters
  • giving visibility to local associations and actions run by refugees
  • reaching various components of European society with a realistic image of refugees

A Route To Connect team

A Route To Connect team is responsible for implementation of the project. The members of the team take care of organising key activities and ensuring the quality of projects outputs. Find out more about the team here.

More information

Contact us if you are looking for more information about this project or you are interested in taking part in any activity: refugeeinsci@gmail.com