Organizazion: GAIA SCI Kosovo

Title of the event: ”BREfest – Sharr is more than snow” (Uproot root deep -Exhibition and Exchange)

Date: 11th – 13th of August

Event description: From 11th to 13th of August 2017, a nature- and mountain gathering was organized by GAIA Kosovo and friends, bringing people from various backgrounds together under the peaks of the Sharr mountains, on the joint exploration of connection with the mountain, each other and themselves, exploring different topics that gather around the topics of Freedom, Justice and Equality in both social and ecological sense.

The 12th of August was dedicated to the topic of Discrimination and Violence, exploring different examples from all places and times through different activities. The Exhibition about the “Balkan Route” was the core part of the day’s activities, linking the history of Sharr mountain- a trans-border region with a history of migration throughout the past centuries itself to the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the Balkans and beyond. The exhibition connected visual impressions from the Route (Photos, Drawings) with written testimonies that were collected during the RtC Study Field Trip.

You can find more information about the exhibition and the festival itself here.

Take a look  at some photos from the exhibition about the Balkan Route:

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