Healing through laughter: Clowning for refugees

The refugee crisis may have left the headlines but for the 65.3 million displaced people worldwide, 25.3 million of which have had to flee their country entirely, the crisis is still very real.

,,For the past 10 years we have been doing our bit to alleviate the stress of daily life, deal with trauma from disastrous wars and the ensuing gruelling living conditions, and building relationships between refugee and host communities.

How do we do it? We use laughter, clowning and play.

We are a group of clowns working in Lebanon and abroad delivering free shows and workshops for children and adults in refugee camps and disadvantaged communities.

Our performances provide much needed respite and our workshops are social therapy providing a creative outlet for people to express themselves, empowering them to take ownership of their own story, helping participants to accept life’s difficulties and create practical, positive ways to deal with them.”

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