I study Middle Eastern Studies and Social Psychology at the University of Helsinki, and human rights, migration and peace work are of great interest to me.This world is in desperate need of critical thinking, understanding and helping people to find their potential, and I wish to do my best on these fields. I am an active member of the SCI Finland, and a board member of the UN Youth of Helsinki. My focus in both organisations is very much on refugees and peace work, and after the Route to Connect trip I would love to arrange a larger collaboration project regarding human rights and refugees. In the project I would like to bring together Finnish and refugee youth to consider human rights and the hardships refugees face on their journeys to and within Europe. The youth could come up with ideas to improve the situation, and these ideas could be taken further onto the decision making level with the help of the Finnish 2250 network. The network focuses on implementation of the UN Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security and could be very helpful with the aftermath of the project.